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At Greenwood Duct Cleaning, we specialize in providing the best Dryer Vent Cleaning services in Austin and the surrounding areas. Our expert services ensure your dryer operates at peak efficiency, reducing potential fire risks and saving you money.

Fredrick SantosFredrick Santos
04:53 15 Dec 22
The outcome of our dryer vent cleaning was outstanding. Thank you very much, we didn't anticipate the dryer vent to be like new again Thank you Greenwood Duct Cleaning Austin
Amanda JenkinsonAmanda Jenkinson
17:46 29 Nov 22
He is knowledgeable, professional, polite, nice & a hard working person. I had him clean both my dryer duct & also the blow motor in my furnace. He showed up on time & contacted me 30 mins prior to his arrival. I would highly recommend him.
Noel MusajNoel Musaj
15:17 24 Nov 22
Absolutely the best service for duct cleaning! We had an issue where we needed immediate help. Called on a Friday and were here by Tuesday. Crew were spot on with every detail. Very professional and highly recommend. Thank you so much!!
14:26 24 Nov 22
We had a serious issue where mold had grown throughout one of our A/C units: including the central unit, every attached vent, and all of the ducts between those vents and the central unit. It was completely contaminated. I feel very fortunate that it was Chris and Leslie who answered our call. They are both extremely hard working and just incredibly thorough. You feel that they are truly sincere in their interest in the safety of your children and of your family. They will throw in all of the extra hours needed to properly take care of you. I can tell by reviewing the work they have performed that they do not cut any corners. Chris is absolutely serious about properly and industriously removing mold. Besides his love of doing a good job and of working hard, Chris cares for you and for your health and it really shows as you interact with him and see him work. In the case of mold or contaminated ducts, I think that you should be careful about trying to find the cheapest guy out there who may not care much for doing a proper job. In work like this were so much remains hidden from view, trust in the person performing the work is absolutely necessary; therefore, I very much appreciate He and would recommend them to anyone seeking this type of cleaning..
10:25 23 Nov 22
She was incredibly friendly and helpful over the phone when I scheduled my dryer vent cleaning. He was very communicative and was right on time. He explained everything that was going to be done, took pictures for me to see the results, and worked very quickly. I'll definitely be recommending Greenwood duct Specialist to friends and will use them for a fireplace cleaning later this year..

Why Choose Greenwood for Dryer Vent Cleaning Near You?

  • Expertise: Our skilled professionals, with years of industry experience, are well-equipped to handle any Dryer Vent Cleaning task, making us the best choice for “Dryer Vent Cleaning Near Me”.
  • Quality Service: Committed to excellence, we deliver high-quality Dryer Vent Cleaning services that meet and exceed your expectations.
  • Safety-Focused: Our Dryer Vent Cleaning services aim to reduce fire hazards and boost your dryer’s efficiency.
  • Local Austin Business: As a locally owned and operated business, we’re proud to serve Austin and the surrounding areas.

Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

We offer comprehensive Dryer Vent Cleaning services for both residential and commercial settings:

  • Lint Removal
  • Vent Blockage Removal
  • Dryer Vent Inspection and Maintenance
Greenwood Duct Cleaning

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Greenwood Duct Cleaning

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Ready for the Best Dryer Vent Cleaning in Austin?

    We Provide Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Austin

    Our Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

    Air Duct Cleaning Travis County

    Air Duct Inspection

    We check every nook and cranny for buildup of dust and debris as well as any damage.
    Air Duct Cleaning Harris County

    Air Duct Cleaning

    We clean out all of the potentially harmful residue that has built up over the years and could cause respiratory issues.
    Dryer Vent Cleaning Harris County

    Air Duct Repair

    We repair or replace any torn or damaged ducts to ensure you aren’t losing energy or air quality.
    Dryer Vent Cleaning Travis County

    Dryer Vent Inspection

    We assess for any blockages or damage that could be causing your dryer to burn energy.
    Air Duct Cleaning Travis County

    Dryer Vent Cleaning

    We remove all residue that could cause blockages or have a negative impact on your health.
    Air Duct Cleaning Harris County

    Dryer Vent Repair

    We address any damage to the vent to make sure your dryer is working properly and not wasting energy.

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    Chimney Cleaning Travis County
    Chimney Cleaning Harris County
    Air Duct Repair & Replacement Austin
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    Why Choose Greenwood Duct Cleaning?

    1. Experience and Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, we have honed our skills and developed a deep understanding of dryer vent systems. Our team of trained technicians is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle all types of dryer vent cleaning projects efficiently.

    2. State-of-the-Art Equipment: We invest in cutting-edge equipment and tools specifically designed for dryer vent cleaning. Our advanced technology allows us to effectively remove built-up lint, debris, and other contaminants from your dryer vent system, ensuring optimal airflow and preventing potential hazards.

    3. Improved Efficiency: A clogged or obstructed dryer vent can significantly reduce the efficiency of your dryer, leading to longer drying times, higher energy bills, and increased wear and tear on your appliance. Our thorough cleaning process will remove all obstructions, allowing your dryer to work at its maximum efficiency, saving you time and money in the long run.

    4. Affordable Pricing: At Greenwood Duct Cleaning, we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality dryer vent cleaning services without breaking the bank. We offer competitive and transparent pricing, with no hidden fees or surprises. Rest assured that you will receive excellent value for your investment with us.


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